October 7th-9th 2022


We are organizing the first impact sport student event

1 event, 3 days


Sport Career Fair

Friday October 7th

Impact Sport Day

Saturday October 8th

Tennis Tournament

Friday October 7th to Sunday 9th

We are a group of HEC students wishing to put sport at the service of the three fundamental pillars of sustainable development:

Economy, society and environment

A threefold observation for sport : 

An under-valued sector

Although sport is at the core of student practices, Grande Ecole students only rarely envision it as a future professional activity.

A sector to leverage

Sport represents a real asset to participate in solving societal challenges.

Sport for a committed generation


Young actives are increasingly looking to get invested in companies with a positive impact on society and environment.

Our promise

“Offer sport its rightful place both as an economic sector and as a social and environmental aggregator.”